I've two huge annex repos (about 100G) with all my photos. One is on my laptop and it uses indirect mode; the other one is on my NAS and I mount it into a CIFS folder, then it uses direct mode because of the crippled fs. Each repo is remote of the other one. The NAS repo belongs to backup group with the standard preferred content. I changed about 1000 photos in my PC repo (mainly renamed them) and I wanted to sync changes to the NAS repo, so I went through this sequence:

  • "git annex add" and "git annex sync" on my PC => OK;

  • "git annex sync" on the NAS repo => it started copying all the content BUT I stopped it because I had not enough time to wait at that very moment;

  • again "git anne sync" on the NAS repo => I had more time to wait BUT it didn't resume the copy from the PC repo, it just said something like "all done, nothing to do"

  • I checked that several files were missing on the NAS that I had modified/renamed on the PC repo so I did "git annex add" again on the PC => nothing new to add, nothing to do;

  • I did again "git annex sync" on the PC repo => it deleted also from my PC repo all the photos that were also missing on the NAS repo;

  • I've also checked for unused files on the PC repo and it now gives about 1000 files.

So here are my questions:

  1. where was I wrong?

  2. can I restore my photos on my PC repo (which uses indirect mode) ?