Whenever I do a git annex vicfg (as pasted below) the long gone repo 40da403e-6f74-4705-aae0-433aa656b55e keeps automatically being added back into the configuration. Worse in the webapp this manifests itself as a repository list item that's empty of text (and when buttons are clicked there's a complaint about missing UUIDs).

In addition to removing the lines via git-annex vicfg, I've switched my repository into indirect mode, manually checked out the the git-annex branch and deleted the offending key from the preferred content and group files (it oddly didn't appear in the uuid file). However they keep coming back :-(

Everything seems to be okay bar this rogue entry which in the web-app irrationally bothers me.

I'm running the very latest git-annex release.

Any thoughts?



# git-annex configuration
# Changes saved to this file will be recorded in the git-annex branch.
# Lines in this file have the format:
#   setting uuid = value

# Repository trust configuration
# (Valid trust levels: trusted semitrusted untrusted dead)
# (for mattford63 (matt@descartes.rss.mhs.man.ac.uk:~/current))
trust 88733342-45ef-420f-8f1b-9a5ed8d8e070 = semitrusted

# Repository groups
# (Standard groups: client transfer backup incrementalbackup smallarchive archive source manual public unwanted)
# (Separate group names with spaces)
# (for )
group 40da403e-6f74-4705-aae0-433aa656b55e = client
# (for mattford63 (matt@descartes.rss.mhs.man.ac.uk:~/current))
group 88733342-45ef-420f-8f1b-9a5ed8d8e070 = client

# Repository preferred contents
# (for )
content 40da403e-6f74-4705-aae0-433aa656b55e = standard
# (for mattford63 (matt@descartes.rss.mhs.man.ac.uk:~/current))
content 88733342-45ef-420f-8f1b-9a5ed8d8e070 = standard