Hello there!

I sent a part of my files to a special rsync remote git annex move --all --to rsync_remote Then I rewrote the history of my repository git annex forget And some days later I try git annex whereis file which tells me there is no copy left and `git annex info rsync_remote which outputs no annexed keys. Now, I know the data is still in the rsync special remote because looking for the files SHA keys, I am able to find their annex objects directories. The annex objects directories are different between the local git annex and the special rsync remote, supposedly because of my rewrite.

Is there any simple way to repair that? To tell git-annex that the keys are accessible in the special rsync remote? I might be able to recover the data doing something like copying all the rsync directory locally and reinjecting files but it seems over complicated while the keys are valid. Moreover, the computer with the special rsync remote is a distant one whith limited support (I can't install git-annex on it) so it would be very slow to copy all the data through the network.