Hi, I have some large repositories on a separate disk server that I would like to be able to browse on my desktop pc or laptop. The repositories do not fit on the my client's disk, therefore I cannot just use git annex get . One solution would be a readonly NFS mount. However, adding new files as I now more complicated: I have to clone the repo (via ssh) to my desktop/laptop, add new files, use git annex copy to get them on the server and then update the working copy there. In addition, the readonly mount does not allow me to modify text files which are not managed by git annex.

I've been thinking about using some kind of union fs (overlayfs / mergerfs) but the dead symlinks of the local copy would probably hide the files of the NFS mount. I could probably also just symlink .git/annex/objects to the NFS mount but that sounds like a pretty unsafe and bad idea.

Any suggestions how I might solve this problem?