I want to setup a rsync special remote on my server with a non-standard ssh port.

I tried the following steps:

git annex initremote rsync-encrypted type=rsync rsyncurl= encryption=AAAAAAAAA
git config remote.rsync-encrypted.annex-rsync-options "-e \'ssh -p 443\'"

But I just get this error:

[2012-11-22 21:04:30 CET] read: rsync ["-e","'ssh","-p","443'","--progress","--recursive","--partial","-- partial-dir=.rsync-partial","/home/marco/annex/.git/annex/tmp/rsynctmp/15309/",""]
Missing trailing-' in remote-shell command.

I tried some ways to escape the config but I don't have a clue. Anybody?