I have previously been confused by how to have a bit more manual control over where files are (as in ?git-annex immediately re-gets dropped files).

I thought perhaps something like an archive directory would work, but as I might want different computers to have different content, perhaps a per-computer archive repository.

To that end, I have

walter@dionysus:~/annex$ git annex content .
(exclude=archive/dionysus/* or (not (copies=archive:1 or copies=smallarchive:1))) or (not copies=semitrusted+:1)

which is a modified version of the archive preferred content, but with the intention that I change the part after exclude to be different for each client. I also set the group to client for this client (dionysus).

However, it does not seem to drop files when I move them into archive/dionysus/, and I cannot see anything in the logs to suggest why.

What am I doing wrong here? Or, is this the wrong approach?