I'm unable to set up a standard architecture: 2 computers sharing some files, talking via a jabber account and transferring files via e.g. box.com. Steps:

Computer 1: a) Install git-annex, open up the assistant, create a new repository, add a jabber account b) Add a box.com account using WEBDAV_USERNAME=[username] WEBDAV_PASSWORD=[password] git annex initremote box.com type=webdav url=https://dav.box.com/dav/git-annex chunksize=75mb encryption=pubkey keyid=[key id]. All seemed fine.

Computer 2: a) same b) at this point I saw the option of adding box.com as a cloud storage. I clicked enable and got the message

user error (gpg ["--quiet","--trust-model","always","--decrypt"] exited 2)

In the meantime, on Computer 1 I saw the same option. I clicked enable and got the same message.

It all works fine if I use shared encryption.