IMHO the description of the special remotes at https://git-annex.branchable.com/special_remotes/ is misleading:

But, git-annex also extends git's concept of remotes, with these special types of remotes. These can be used just like any normal remote by git-annex. They cannot be used by other git commands though.

AFAIK (and just tested it with a webdav remote), a special remote can not be used to transfer tracking information, only content. So that, in order to connect to repos that can not talk to each other, a special remote is not sufficient. You additionally need a ordinary git repo to transfer the tracking information.

  • Is that correct? Is there a way to use a special remote to transfer tracking information? (would love that!)

The description above sounds for me, as I can simply use a special remote like a normal remote, which is not the case.

Just a documentation improvement suggestions.

Best Thanks, Florian