Lets say I have an annex, called Global in some location A. The plan is to mirror it to some location B.

I suddenly decide that Global has become too unwieldy, and I wish to split it up.

I "rsync -Lhav" the entire annex over to B, so it turns back into raw files (as I'm a little worried about the broken symlinks some have mentioned when using uninit). I then reorganize all the files in B into five new annexes. Yay.

Now, I clone those five repos back onto A. How can I use the content of the original repo "Global" to populate the new annexes?

Approach 1: delete Global, use git-annex copy (slow, wasteful use of precious disk life)

Approach 2: uninit Global, deal with whatever broken symlink mess may occur, and then use reinject. Reinject doesn't seem to work recursively afaik (ok, I can use find -type f -exec I guess...), and doesn't seem to want to work on files that are sitting inside an annex already (i.e. the uninit is not optional)

So besides these two, are there any approaches I'm overlooking?

Context: entire photo collection. split into e.g. parents digitized photos, my photos, etc