Hi there, I have an old archive drive with ~300k files, ~2 TB data. They're files that I would like to use in my work, but I've had to move them off my machine due to space. I periodically copy files off of the archive when I need to work with them. This of course is before I had even heard of git-annex.

So now I'm wondering how I can start to integrate these files into my work. Two basic ideas I have are:

  1. git-annex the whole thing right away, and git annex get them onto my local machine as needed.
  2. Start an empty annex on the archive drive. Move files from the old archive location into the annex as needed.

So basically I'm wondering between annexing the whole thing to start, or gradually building up the annex.

I have no idea how well git-annex will work with 300k files / 2 TB data.

How would you approach incorporating an old archive drive into a new annex?