I was a bit hasty the other day and did something stupid. I added a new folder to git annex. Something like

git annex add my-important folder

my-important folder contains a lot of files and it took a couple of minutes to add. When I then tried to do

git commit -am 'added files'

per the walkthrough I got an error (9, as I recall). I thought I'd added too many files or something so I wanted to start over and perhaps I didn't fully understand the mechanisms of annex I did the following

git reset --hard .

Unfortunately, did replaced my files with a bunch of symlinks, rather than making git annex forget and go back to the previous stage as I had hoped.

I have managed to recover most of my files from backup, but some of them I still can't recover. Is there any way back? It seems I still have the files in my git folder.

Thanks, Rasmus

PS: Sorry, I shouldn't have made this text rather than Markdown.