I have a git annex repo I'm using to sync to a couple of computers, plus backup to Glacier. git annex sync --content normally works fine, but recently I've added some large files with git annex that also have multiple versions, and I see that when I do git annex sync --content, only the current version of the file content gets transferred. I see that the --all option exists as well, which seems like it should do what I need, but when I run git annex sync --content --all it appears to start trying to sync all content, even if it's already present on both machines. And if I try to use it on my glacier remote, it seems to be trying to pull from Glacier as well, which of course fails because you can't immediately access a Glacier file. Is there any combination of options that can do what I'm looking for here, to transfer all content but only a delta between what's present on the current machine and the remote?