I'm trying to get git-annex working on my Google Pixel running Android version 8.1 through Termux but I'm having some difficulty.

I copy-pasta'd the instructions found here: https://git-annex.branchable.com/tips/install_on_Android_in_Termux/ until I got the following error when trying to run git-annex.linux/runshell

Running on Android.. Adding git-annex to PATH for you, and tuning for optimal behavior
proot error: execve("/data/data/com.termux/files/home/git-annex.linux/bin/sh"): No such file or directory
proot info: possible causes
  * the program is a script but its interpreter (eg. /bin/sh) was not found;
  * the program is an ELF but its interpreter (eg. ld-linux.so) was not found;
  * the program is a foreign binary but qemu was not specified;
  * qemu does not work correctly (if specified);
  * the loader was not found or doesn't work.
fatal error: see `proot --help`.

If I could get some help troubleshooting this that would be great. Thanks!