I'm trying to set up a public repository that is cloneable from my web site, similar to what is mentioned at https://git-annex.branchable.com/tips/setup_a_public_repository_on_a_web_site/

I've got a repo from my laptop that I can push to my web server, and I can list the contents of the .git directory:

$ curl https://example.com/annex/.git/
<head><title>Index of /annex/.git/</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white">
<h1>Index of /annex/.git/</h1><hr><pre><a href="../">../</a>
<a href="annex/">annex/</a>                 12-Mar-2017 17:42                   -
<a href="branches/">branches/</a>           12-Mar-2017 17:38                   -
<a href="hooks/">hooks/</a>                 12-Mar-2017 17:38                   -
<a href="info/">info/</a>                   12-Mar-2017 17:38                   -
<a href="logs/">logs/</a>                   12-Mar-2017 17:38                   -
<a href="objects/">objects/</a>             12-Mar-2017 17:40                   -
<a href="refs/">refs/</a>                   12-Mar-2017 17:38                   -
<a href="HEAD">HEAD</a>                     12-Mar-2017 17:39                  23
<a href="config">config</a>                 12-Mar-2017 17:40                 269
<a href="description">description</a>       12-Mar-2017 17:38                  73
<a href="index">index</a>                   12-Mar-2017 17:41                1200

However, when I try to clone it to simulate what I expect people to do, I get:

$ git clone https://exmaple.com/annex/.git
Cloning into 'annex...
fatal: repository 'https://example.com/annex/.git/' not found

I've configured with git config core.sharedrepository world and git config receive.denyCurrentBranch updateInstead, but it doesn't seem to be working as I can't clone the repository over https.