1. Set up two computers with a client repository.
  2. Add a removable drive repository and set it to transfer group.
  3. Start adding files to computer #1 repository. See how the files get synced to the usb drive.
  4. Connect the usb drive to computer #2 and see the files getting transferred to computer #2. Everything is looking good.

  5. Connect the usb drive to computer #1 again.

  6. Add a file that is larger than the remaining size of the usb drive, BUT smaller than the original size of the usb drive.
  7. The file does not get transferred to the usb drive due to lack of disk space.

I would expect the assistant to make some space on the usb drive. Removing the files it knows has been transferred to computer #2, and then transfer the new file to the usb drive. But this does not seem to happen.

Have I missed something about how the transfer group is supposed to work?

Using version: git-annex version: 4.20130802-g0a52f02 build flags: Assistant Webapp Pairing Testsuite S3 WebDAV Inotify DBus XMPP

Pre built tar file.