I have a few questions according to deletion and dropping with git-annex:

  1. I couldn't figure out what unused files really are. What is unused related to? (Head of) branches? How does a file become unused?
  2. If I'm working in indirect mode, I can safely git rm files and restore them later, by checking out the corresponding commit. Consider several git-annex repos being in sync, where the repository contains a nested directory structure. Is there a way to completely remove all deletes files within some directory (which might but not must be the root of the repo), that have been deleted for more than X days? For example I would want to run something like git annex drop-deleted --from-folder some/subdirectory/ --older-than 5. Is there a way to achieve this?
  3. Just like 2, is there a way to remove (the content of) all non-current versions of all file that are older than Y days?

Thanks in advance!