Hallo everybody,

I have an ARM based Synology NAS and I would like to use git annex to replace the "backup" solution provided by Synology. The basic idea is that I want files in a safe place when the house burns down or they get removed by accident.

Since I only care about the latest version and want to make really sure local programs (cifs service, photostation and so on) do not run into trouble caused by symlinks, I guess direct mode is what I want. I have been tinkering around and things seem to be working for the most part. A few questions remain:

Assuming I have all files synced to glacier and then accidentally remove all content and try to recover with the bare repo - with metadata but without content. the situation looks like this.

➜  syno-archive git:(annex/direct/master) git annex status test.txt
D test.txt
➜  syno-archive git:(annex/direct/master)

I try to get my files back out of glacier:

➜  syno-archive git:(annex/direct/master) git annex get test.txt   
get test.txt (from glacier...) 
(Recording state in git...)
➜  syno-archive git:(annex/direct/master)

Contrary to my expectation, text.txt did not appear on disk.

Given the bare repo, you would one recover all content (thousands of files)? I expected "git annex get --all" to do the trick.

PS: This is from git-annex version 5.20141125

regards Andreas