I'm looking to use the Git-Annex Assistant to backup a single repository that is present on and synced between two computers (a home and a working computer). Ideally, each computer uses rsync.net for both of these service, while at the same time treating the cloud storage service as untrusted (so anything stored or tranferred through there is encrypted). Is it possible to do this using solely rsync.net (without the addition of some XMPP service)? According to the software, using shared encryption allows anyone with a clone of the repository to decrypt files on a remote, but the simplest way to make this clone seems to be to first clone to a removable drive, and then from the drive to the second computer (and then deleting the records of the clone to the drive). I'm unsure if by then setting up the backup at rsync.net for the second computer, whether the software will create a second backup that acts independently of the first, neglecting any syncing, or if it will recognize the backup as one of the same repository. I'm also unsure as to whether the software will even sync if the backup is recognized, or whether a tranfer repository at rsync.net is also necessary to complete the setup. Could you perhaps give me some advice on how to achieve this setup, or point me to some information that may help me along?

(If the setup is unclear, I'm essentially trying to replicate something like SpiderOak with the Git-Annex Assistant, without using an XMPP service)

[Edit: It may be easier to just use Git-Annex (no assistant), so that works too]