I have an repo that uses standard groups / wanted expressions:

% git annex wanted . && git annex group .               
archive backup

I use the two groups so that the repo wants anything (backup) and is recognized as an archive repo, so other repos drop files in archive/.

% git annex drop fortune
drop fortune (checking S3...) ok
(recording state in git...)

fine. But:

% git annex get --auto

does nothing. I do not understand, why the repo does not want the file. Same for git annex sync --content.

% git annex whereis fortune
whereis fortune (3 copies) 
        19317658-7d40-4412-94ba-a2525e625283 -- Asaru
        2f41eb74-5f33-4737-bb6b-1cd31dd67ee5 -- External
        728648bf-5276-4a86-9df9-9a30f4783027 -- [S3]

Asaru is standard/client, S3 is standard/backup and External has no group / wanted set.

Thanks, Florian