As I'm not sure whether this is my fault or a bug of git-annex, I'll post it in forum first.

I have a normal v6 git-annex setup, with a desktop, laptop and usb stick.

All repositories are in sync, also the usb drive. There are some unlocked files, which are fine. But there are also some locked files, which appear to be broken. Checking the target, there is a big difference between the paths. On the computers, it's .git/annex/objects/0W/vj/SHA256E-s10230770--dcbf7418ff3c9698e9d98418fd07a52afec172aeef80aee2a84dcfdaeef859ed/SHA256E-s10230770--dcbf7418ff3c9698e9d98418fd07a52afec172aeef80aee2a84dcfdaeef859ed.

Also the usb drive links to this location, but the file does not exist. Searching with the firs part of the hash, I got some interesting result: the file was stored in .git/annex/objects/1cc/840/SHA256E-s10230770--dcbf7418ff3c9698e9d98418fd07a52afec172aeef80aee2a84dcfdaeef859ed. The difference is that the two first directories have three instead of two letters and only one layer. The hash remains the same, and the file is valid.

$ cd desktop $ git annex sync --content (success) $ readlink -f locked-file .git/annex/objects/0W/vj/SHA256E-s10230770--dcbf7418ff3c9698e9d98418fd07a52afec172aeef80aee2a84dcfdaeef859ed/SHA256E-s10230770--dcbf7418ff3c9698e9d98418fd07a52afec172aeef80aee2a84dcfdaeef859ed $ cd usb-drive $ readlink -f locked-file (no output → broken) $ find .git/annex/objects/ -name *SHA256E-s10230770* .git/annex/objects/1cc/840/SHA256E-s10230770--dcbf7418ff3c9698e9d98418fd07a52afec172aeef80aee2a84dcfdaeef859ed (file is at different place)

I did some troubleshooting and unspecific fixing.

$ git annex whereis locked-file whereis locked-file (3 copies) d0a64b4b-054e-4c42-a64f-58a08591abab -- laptop e3013e6b-a06a-46a5-a67a-ce9ec0520d21 -- desktop ebd16ddb-548c-4078-b35e-087132523924 -- usb-drive [here] ok $ git annex fsck (everything fine, also unlocked-file was checked) $ git annex fix (no error, but no solution) $ git annex unlock locked-file (file is there and editable, great!) $ git annex lock locked-file (symlink is there and points… right, to the wrong location) $ git annex drop locked-file && git annex get locked-file (no change visible in work directory)

Specially on this drive disk space is important, so it would be for me a bad solution to keep them unlocked.

As I mentioned earlier, this could be also my fault, as I have done some not-often used methods

  • I rebased the history and checked manually (without git annex sync) the master and synced/master branch to the same commit on all repositories, no errors reported
  • I used a v5 repository on laptop before syncing with the drive, then upgraded. I don't think it is the problem here as it works on desktop after the sync as wanted