this is not a git-annex problem, but more likely a way some software handles symlinks and/or do file-type detection.

my setup is a following: - multiple pc/laptop (linux) - one NAS (debian) - main repo for music/films/photos - all in git-annex - a Raspberry Pi (Raspbmc) - connected to the TV

I want to share all my films/music/.. to the Pi. So, i setup a r/o NFS and mounted that in the XBMC. So far this works, I see directories but XBMC do not recognize the media files. It works, if I "git-annex edit ..." the file.

My assumption is, that it follows the symlink, finds a file with no extension - and ignores that. In XBMC-config there is a list of supported filetypes by extension. ( .avi,.mpg,.foo,.bar )

What I have think of so far: - tell XBMC somehow to load all the files (did not work) - having some kind of (FUSE?) filter, which hides the symlink in a transparent way - creating via script hard-links in a seperate folder with same structure, mount that. - using some alternative to NFS ( like ftp, smb ) or a other kind of media-server (server-side)

any comments, ideas ? If i find a solution, I'll post it here.