Prior to v6, I used git annex add for files that should go into the annex, and git add for files that should be tracked in git normally. With v6, git add silently adds to the annex instead, which surprised me because I didn't expect the file contents to still only reside only on the source computer after a push! I don't have annex.largefiles set, but it seems like this is intended behavior. Is there a way to return to v5 behavior for those two commands? Is it safe to just remove the smudge/clean filter? If so, is there a way to remove it in such a way that it propagates to all repositories? (It's currently set in .git/info/attributes, which overrides .gitattributes).

Having to come up a generic rule for annex.largefiles to cover all of my distinctions is difficult, and it's tedious to re-specify it for each new file. I'd much rather just be able to continue using git as usual, and explicitly choose when to invoke git-annex.