Past Usage of git-annex

I used to have git(-annex) repositories for different projects and data types... so I managed all my images in one repository, movies in an other and so on. At some point I had an central Server an moved files to that remote.

So far so easy and good.

Current Situation

Then there was the time, that I killed my central Server, and "lost" access to my files I moved there and "lost" also the synchronization path between my laptop and my desktop pc

I have a backup of these remotes (scped to a external hdd), but currently have no clue how I teach my local repository that the central Server remote is now just a local hdd remote.

Probably I am just confused how I handeled git-annex till now

What would be a best practice to teach an repository that an remote has moved its location? And maybe recover my moved files, that are hopefully still somewhere around.

~ Michael