I have a question about encryption keys. Basically I do not know how to use the data which was copied in case my local machine dies?

I have done the following:

  1. copied my ssh public key to a remote server
  2. created a directory and started git annex assistant

    mkdir ~/test_annex

    cd ~/test_annex

    git annex webapp

  3. clicked Repository->Add another local repository

  4. Assistant: Where do you want to put this new repository? Me: ~/test_annex "Make Repository"
  5. Assistant "Combine repositories?" Me: "Keep repositories separate"
  6. clicked "Add another repository" clicked "remote server"
  7. filled out "Adding a remote server using ssh" form and clicked "Check this server"
  8. choose "Use an encrypted rsync repository on the server"
  9. Assistant "Repository created" I select "Full backup" as repository group.

So far so good. If I now add a file on my local machine into ~/test_annex something not human readable is created on the remote machine.

What I do not understand is how I use this backup later. I am expecting something along the "hybrid encryption keys" scheme explained in this wiki. However I was not able to determine which of my gpg keys was used or how the data was encrypted.

So my question is: "How do I use the encrypted backup remote on a second machine?"