I am trying a setup to move files from/to work using a usb key that also has a acopy of the whole repository (if I have to access it from somewhere else without git-annex).

At home there's a direct client repository, the usb is an indirect incrementalbackup and at work I have a indirect backup and a direct client repositories.

What I am trying to obtain is to have a lightweight repository at home that doesn't hold backups, and the usb key to also move the unused files from home to work as a backup. I am trying to make the assistant do it for me and as far as I could read the assistant should periodically move unused files out of repositories of the group client to the (incremental)backup ones.

Having the assistant running on home repository and the two work repositories should do the trick? considering that the usb key doesn't spend much time connected to a computer I have no idea how the assistant would do the periodcal move. Also i hope i got it right but files from incrementalbackup should be moved to backup repositories when they can be synchronized, but again, I don't know if a 5 minutes mount with the assistant running on the backup repository will actually do it.