first i have to say... im a huge fan and running some git-annex repos for all sort of things. i trust git-annex my whole photo archiv and my tax documents ;-)

i try to get my head around some scenarios i couldnt get working. i want a nextcloud/dropbox style sink between two boxes. i have set up my repo manually on my laptop some time ago. just like git init && git annex init. i cloned that on my server and ran git annex init; added the server repo as remote on my laptop. so git annex sync --content works on both ends. what i want is to run git annex assistant on both boxes... server and laptop. i add a new file on laptop and git annex assistant syncs it to my server. that works fine. but i thought that the git annex assistant notices it and does a git annex sync too, to pull changes in. i only get it working in one way. what am i doing wrong?

in the screencast for the assistant it looks like it should work that way... with the only difference that it got setup within the webapp itself and a bare transfer repository on a server. is this transfer group server needed for make it working this way?

i also found this in the tips. does i have to set up like that?