Hi, I'm trying to convert a v5 classic, symlink repository into a v6 always unloked repository.

I'm trying to follow along with: http://git-annex.branchable.com/tips/unlocked_files but something goes wrong in the process, so I'm sure I'm missing something. The repository is about 600G to start with on a ext4 filesystem, and I don't have another 600G of free space on disk, so I'm going with thin mode:

  1. git annex upgrade
  2. git config annex.thin true
  3. git annex fix
  4. git annex unlock

It's all good to this point. Everything gets unlocked and is fine. Then I try to commit the changes with:

 git annex sync

The process seems to take and incredibly long time (several hours) and then ends up running out of space. I check the repository with "du -sh" and it's almost double the size. Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to avoid this duplication of data. Shouldn't annex.thin do the trick?

This is also strange: with "git annex info" I get

 local annex keys: 3572
 local annex size: 933.19 gigabytes
 annexed files in working tree: 0
 size of annexed files in working tree: 0 bytes

the annex size should be about 540G and why are there no annexed files in the working tree?

Is there a correct and faster way to migrate my repo to an always unlocked one which won't require hours of time and take all that disk space?

thanks a lot, daniel