My use case is that I import media from my iphone/gopro to my laptop. I then want to upload them to Flickr (JPG/PNG) and S3 (MP4). However I want to keep a backup using git-annex onto a external USB drive.

How do I quickly copy and drop?

I realise I can:

  1. git-annex add 2014-*
  2. git-annex copy --to 2tbusbdrive
  3. git-annex drop 2014-*

But that's several steps. Is there a quicker way?

How do drop only files I've actually uploaded?

In the past, I've just marked files as uploaded by touch "$media.uploaded" once my python Flickr script returns a successful error code. But I have no idea how to tell git-annex that this means the file can now be dropped, providing a copy exists on my 2tbusbdrive.

Furthermore keeping a clean deck

Tbh I don't want the old upload files/directories cluttering up my uploadme directory. Can I just delete them or configure drop to remove the filename too?