Revisiting an issue I reported a couple of months ago but never figured out. I am trying to use git annex assistant on two separate machines to automatically mirror files between them. But after I start the second assistant and add new files to the annex, I find that git fsck reports dangling blobs. Is there a conflict between the two assistants?

On the server:

$ mkdir ~/annex
$ cd ~/annex
$ git init
$ git annex init u --version=6
$ echo This is test file 1. >testfile1.txt
$ git annex add testfile1.txt
$ git annex sync
$ git remote add ml2 ssh://laptop/Users/username/annex
$ git annex assistant

After all that, I do this on the laptop:

$ cd ~/
$ git clone ssh://server/home/username/annex
$ cd annex
$ git annex init ml2 --version=6
$ git annex sync
$ git annex assistant

At this point git fsck is happy. But when I add files to the annex on either machine and run git fsck, I get messages like:

Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
dangling blob 31a30177d1e37faf8eac96524302a61713d3d522