I have the following setup:

  • A 'working' repo in the manual group, called WORKING
  • 2 'backup' repos in the backup group, called A & B
  • A rclone/gdrive repo in the backup group, called GD
  • numfiles has been set to 3.

A and B can directly see each-other via SSH and both can contact GD. WORKING can directly connect to A, B, and GD.

I work on a set of files, git annex add them and eventually do a

$ git annex sync A --content

At some point in time later (manual or chron) A does a git annex sync --content and the files end up in A, B and GD

At some later point in time, I do a git annex drop of some of the files, and after the locks are done, the files are dropped.

At yet some later point in time, after working on more files on WORKING, I do the git annex sync A --content again, and the files that were dropped are pulled back from A. I would expect this if WORKING were a 'client' but it's manual, so it shouldn't be pulling it back

I've checked and all three of A, B, and GD have the files in question.