I have Ubuntu and Debian systems, playing with git-annex. This is not mission critical data, just testing. I ended up with an extra duplicate of the media files on the laptop.

The whereis listing is lots and lots like this:

whereis 00-Unsorted/2008-RobustStats-AmerPsyc.pdf (3 copies) 67e69242-d57c-4b50-aaf9-74876b899962 9e0bc9e4-f8bf-11e3-b9c1-9b4158540a9d -- pols110.pols.ku.edu_mediashare ( pdf and mp3) d82d2e6f-9200-49cf-86a3-1d674a768971 -- here (pauljohn@dellap14:~/medias hare) ok

(I'm pretty sure) This happened because I copied the media files to /home/pauljohn/mediashare/manuscripts manually, and then I used the git-annex assistant to set up the remote linkage to same content, from the workstation, and it apparently copied in a whole new set.

How to clean this up? Without erasing everything and starting over?

Can I guess?

Open a terminal and git remove manually 67e69242-d57c-4b50-aaf9-74876b899962 ???

Thanks in advance if you care to advise me :)

Paul Johnson http://pj.freefaculty.org