I'm attempting to set up a centralized git repository to use with git-annex as specified on https://git-annex.branchable.com/tips/centralized_git_repository_tutorial/on_your_own_server/

I'm using macbooks as clients and servers. They are all running git-annex version 5.20150916 installed through homebrew. The server is running 10.10 Yosemite and the clients are running 10.9 Mavericks. There is a symlink on the server in /usr/bin/git-annex and /usr/bin/git-annex-shell to /usr/local/bin/git-annex and /usr/local/bin/git-annex-shell, which then symlinks to the latest version in homebrew's directories. I did this because I was previously facing an error where git-annex was not found on the server (it would not work if you ran ssh tom@server git-annex).

I'm currently at the step after cloning and cding into the repository on the client. When I attempt to run git annex init 'Tom Macbook', I get the following error:

``` git annex init 'Tom Macbook' init Tom Macbook Failed to get annex.uuid configuration of repository origin

Instead, got: "annex.uuid=\ncore.gcrypt-id=\n"

This is unexpected; please check the network transport! ok (recording state in git...) ```

I'm really stumped here. Any suggestions? Thanks. Let me know if I can provide any further info.