Dear all,

I'm a beginner in using git annex and got the following strange situation:

On my PC I have stored all the data and put them to git annex (don' know the standard nomenclature used here, but I guess its called setting up a repository)

On my Laptop I have now also git-annex and can have access to my stored data by git-annex get (so far so good thats git-annex)

Now comes the strange thing: On my laptop, I can see all the links to my data (where it shows me a path like ../../.git/annex/objects/...) but at my PC, where all the data should have been stored, the folder is empty. When I follow the link which is shown on the laptop, on my PC, I get access to the data. Some somehow, the data is still on my PC but not stored in its original folders but in .git/annex/objects/...

How can I get back my original folder from the .git/annex/objects on my PC?

Thank you very much for your help Stefan