I installed git-annex on my freenas running freebsd according to the instructions on this site. every now and then it'll pop up (when using the webapp) telling me git-annex has been updated, do I want to restart. if I say yes, the webapp dies, I have to manually stop git annex assistant --stop and after a few minutes of using the webapp it again tells me it has been updated...

only saw this in the logs: UpgradeWatcher: A new version of git-annex has been installed.

Also, I connected 2 repos (on my NAS with freebsd and on my Macbook) but the NAS one can't connect to the MAcbook via SSH ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

How is this supposed to work? Obviously for now it shows its only syncing metadata with my MACbook: syncing enabled (metadata only)

Also, both repositories are bare, direct but when a file got pulled from the NAS to the MACbook it was a symlink and not the file itself, so what's wrong here?