is git annex get and git annex copy --to somewhere expected to work with bare repos? the bare repositories page doesn't indicate otherwise, but a git annex get does plain nothing in my setup.

if it's supposed not to work, there should be an error message saying that and an indication on the bare repositories, otherwise, how can i trace it down?

in case it is just unimplemented for lack of use cases: my setup consists of several laptops using parts of a 200gb+ photo collection, a central trusted server that should host everything, and an external encrypted remote backup. clients should copy everything they add to both central locations, but i'd prefer the trusted server to sync the two of them too.

get and copy usually operate on the current directory, which in case of a bare repo does not contain any relevant files, but i tried explicitly specifying files too. git annex should either look them up in master, or always operate on all files (as indexed in the git-annex branch) unconditionally.