I ran into this problem: $ git annex mirror --from origin git-annex: getUserEntryForID: does not exist (no such user)

I found in the forum that, if the the machine uses LDAP etc. I should be able to use the HOME and USER environment variables.

I'm not quite sure what the user authentication management on the machine I'm on is and I'd rather not deal with the sysadmins. But I know that the /etc/passwd file does not have my user listed. I do have the the HOME and USER variables properly set and exported.

$ echo $HOME $USER /nethome/iiossifov iiossifov

In the git-annex source code I found that the error occurs in Utility/UserInfo.hs. I can't read Haskell but my guess is that the problem is with the myUserGecos for which there is no environment variable fall back.

I'm using the pre-build git-annex version: 6.20160527-gb7d4774

Would you be able to advice me how to deal with the problem?

Thank you, Ivan