Hi everyone,

I need some suggestions on how to operate git-annex best in my setup.

I need git-annex mainly for its ability to have directories of all my data on all my nodes but not for the data redundancy it can provide. I have one node that contains 2 filesystems that I want to merge in one git-annex repository. One filesystem (lets call it SAFE) is on top of a RAID1 between two 1TB hds. The other (BIG) is on top of a 3TB hd. SAFE holds data I do not want to loose (like digital pictures). BIG holds data that I can loose.

I do not have enough disk space on other nodes to get rid of the RAID1.

This is how I mount my filesystems:

SAFE at ~/AllData/

BIG at ~/AllData/bigfiles/

The root of the git repository is at ~/AllData/ however when I do:

git-annex add ~/AllData/bigfiles/file1 It says: add bigfiles/file1 failed

I assume that is because of file1 being on a different filesystem.

Do I have to create two repositories: one for each filesystem or do you have any ideas on how to use git-annex best in this scenario? Having two repositories also has the disadvantage that I need two repositories on all other nodes am I right?

Thanks for you suggestions