I'm using git-annex (git-annex-6.20160126 from homebrew) on osx and for a while now, it claims that it tries to repair my annex-dir on my osx machine, even though it never finishes (or fails) to do so. I'm not sure what's causing this and I also tried to use git annex repair, but this didn't help either (it ran forever but never finishes). I tried to run git annex fsck and saw that some larger video files were only in one other place and therefore couldn't be droped, which I think I fixed by doing git annex add then git annex sync and finally git annex copy --auto -to $Remote. I'm not sure how to proceed, the log file doesn't seem to tell me a whole lot either. It just tells me for some of my files "Unable to lock down 1 copy of file that is required to safely drop it." and tries to repair that stuff over and over and over… or at least that's what I guess happens.