I'm setting up git-annex as the store for a darktable environment. I have to assume that all of the backup and client machines can not necessarily see each-other. Let's call them: client1 client2 backup usb (incr. backup - in case a client can't reach the gdrive) gitlab (upstream - do I need to group this as well - if so, what) gdrive (again, labeled as a backup so it will take everything)

They all can reach both a gitlab repo (I know they don't support annex anymore) and a special remote for the large files (gdrive via the rclone remote to allow me to use a team drive)

So either client1 or client2 will create or update content. git-annex assistant on the client will sync that to gitlab and gdrive (I assume).

The question is, will git-annex assistant on backup and the other client check to see if there have been updates to the gitlab upstream? If so, how often? If not, should I git-annex schedule a git-annex-sync on each client and backup to force it?

Thx Christopher