I can't get git-annex to run on my archlinuxARM sytem. It fails with

$ git annex test
error: git-annex died of signal 11

Its a RaspberryPi (model B I think) so its an ARM11 (armv6h if I'm not mistaken). I use archlinuxarm because I am familiar with the distribution and you can have a very lean system. There is a very crude package for git-annex arm and armv7 that is build like this: https://github.com/archlinuxarm/PKGBUILDs/blob/master/alarm/git-annex/PKGBUILD . Crude, because it just takes the debian package, changes the version of libraries where apropriate and packs it as archlinux package. Two problems: 1) It's not been tested on armv6. 2) The 4.20130417 version does not exist anymore on the debian mirrors.

  1. The debian package is not marked as armv5 or armv7 specific and is runs on the RaspberryPi with Raspbian (but in an pretty old version if I remember correctly). So I would have imagined it runs on armv6h in general.\
  2. I just did the same magic as in the linked PKGBUILD with a more current version to build the package but it still crashes. Can I get the old version anywhere to check if it works with that?

Cheers, Hannes

Background for whoever's interested :) I tried to set up a RaspberryPi to manage my files, contacts and calendars. That shouts out loud for owncloud because of its convenience (caldav, carddav, webdav and a nice interface bundled together). However, compared to git-annex owncloud is unbearably slow (on an RaspberryPi) and lacks git-annex's easy way to keep your files sorted even if you don't have them on your local disk.

For these reasons I tried to install a hybrid git-annex/owncloud system. There, basically, the files are served by owncloud but at the same time also managed (and served) by git-annex (+ssh). As far as I can see that should not have any noticeable side effects in my use case (mostly single user). I have some external hard drives connected to the RaspberryPi of which I will just symlink the appropriate folders to the owncloud 'files' folder. This way I can also just take the drives with me and still have the same (UUID) git annex repository on them. Any comments?