I am a happy user of git-subtree, and I wonder whether it integrates nicely with git-annex?

My use-case looks like this: I have two annex repositories -- one at home and one at work. The annex at work is a strict subset of the one at home, i.e. all files that I have at work ought to be part of the annex at home, but not the other way round. Now, I realize that I could have one annex and selectively copy files to the checked out copy at work, but I don't want to do that because I don't want to have (broken) symlinks for all kinds of stuff visible on my machine at work that is not supposed to be there (such as MP3 files, etc.). Instead, I would like to use git-subtree to import the work annex into a sub-directory of the one at home, so that both annex are logically separate, but still the one at home always contains everything that the one at work contains.

Is that possible?

And if not, is there maybe another way to accomplish this kind of thing?