I'm trying to use datalad to manage some scientific data repositories. Datalad uses git annex.

I've set up an annex for my datalad/git repository using git-annex-remote-rclone. The setup went fine, but the transfers with a Gigabit connection are of the order of 50-100 kbs. I'm trying to troubleshoot the issue. I'm a new user of git annex. The repository has about 10 GB of stuff.

I'm focusing on git annex because I sidestep datalad by using git annex copy --to=gdrive2, this is as slow as using datalad push --to=gdrive2, which makes sense as the latter is a thin wrapper around git-annex-copy.

Using an external drive instead of Google Drive was a little better, but it still took hours to copy the 10 GB. Not sure what's going on.

I'm running this on a M1 MacBook Pro.

Any ideas on how to troubeshoot this?