Ok, so I just set up git-annex on by Raspberry Pi 3 B (from apt from the raspbian repos), and got it working with a phone backup workflow. (udev automation, the specifics are in a gist, but I don't think I'm doing anything super weird?)

I'm encountering a problem where it apparently just spins at 100% CPU on a small text file.

The command that's hanging is git-annex smudge --clean sdcard/Android/data/ccc71.bmw/support/crash_reports.txt

This has happened on this file from both git annex add and git annex sync (with and without --content).

The file itself is 2006B in size, and just contains some plaintext information (some header-type data and a java backtrace). But this process has been running for over an hour, and it's taken exceptionally long before.

This seems really abnormal? The repo is 8.7GB overall, and it's running on an RPi from a microSD card, but taking hours to perform repository operations seem off.