since a bit of time i have a strange probleme. My git annex environement look like this :

|\ /
| C--D
|/ \
B F.....G

the dot point because G is an external drive and can be plug anywhere else. let's say my last comit is db1a9a If i add some file on the repo from G and sync point to point like : i'm in G : git annex sync F a new commit is created say 61dacd go F git annex sync D go D git annex sync E ...etc

at some point my commit 61dacd becomme the parent of a new commit i dono the source ... let's say 4fcdae

in git log i found

commit 4fcdae... (HEAD -> master, B/synced/ma ster, B/master, C/synced/master, C/master, synced/master)

and that commit just undo all the change done by the previous one, indeed :

git diff 4fcdae db1a9a -> nothing

this... force me to play with branch like every time and anoyed me alot. I don't understand what's happening here. Does any one have any clue/insight on what i can do to fix this/investigate ?

All repo are at the commit db1a9a before i start...

best regards