I have a repo on my cluster. On my system I cloned it by

[my_system] $ git clone ssh://jed//home/tdegeus/tmp/mydata cluster

This works fine to get files from the cluster.

However, I also want to send files from my system to the cluster and to be able to drop files on the cluster. The problem is, however, that I have no stable IP to SSH to my system, so I don't have a good way to add my system as remote on the cluster. I thought that running

[my_system] $ git annex sync

from my laptop would be enough. But that does not seems to sufficiently update the repo on the cluster.

From example on the cluster adding some files

[ssh->jed] $ git annex add foo.h5
[ssh->jed] $ git commit -m "my message"

and then downloading on my system

[my_system] $ git annex sync
[my_system] $ git annex get foo.h5
[my_system] $ git annex sync

works fine.

But then back on the cluster running

[ssh->jed] $ git annex drop foo.h5

results, erroneously, in

foo.h5 a.h5 (unsafe)
  Could only verify the existence of 0 out of 1 necessary copy

  Maybe add some of these git remotes (git remote add ...):
    ee3f4fc7-db8f-4c45-8c40-92e96d046999 -- tdegeus:~/Downloads/annex/cluster

  (Use --force to override this check, or adjust numcopies.)