My problem: I want to free up some disk space by doing git annex drop FOO, but then when I do git annex add BAR; git annex sync --content, FOO reappears.

Looking into the man pages, I need to set up git annex vicfg to make sync --content ignore (exclude) FOO.

I am overwhelmed by the configuration file and would just like to see a minimal complete example configuration file that does what I want. In the long run I probably want to use options like "groupwanted" and such, but am not sure what a "group" is exactly.

Grepping for 'exclude', my config file has this already in it:


Standard preferred contents

(Used by wanted or groupwanted expressions containing "standard")

(For reference only; built-in and cannot be changed!)

standard client = (include= and ((exclude=/archive/ and exclude=archive/) or (not (copies=archive:1 or copies=smallarchive:1)))) or approxlackingcopies=1


but I am not sure how to go about it. For one, the comment hints that I need to use a secondary wanted or groupwanted expression to reference the standard keyword to actually use it, but I am just confused by all of these interlocking components.

Also, I see stuff like this:


Repository preferred contents

(Set to "standard" to use a repository's group's preferred contents)

(for web)

wanted 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001 =

(for bittorrent)

wanted 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002 =

(for l@k0:/dev/shm/annex)

wanted 56e6081b-4282-4f07-b53c-9042240cd75e =

(for k0)

wanted a71d805d-df77-42e7-97b0-ba7686c05083 =

(for l@m0:/mnt/a/annex.git [origin])

wanted c5c012cc-2080-481f-81bc-7f449f33490b =


and am confused by these UUIDs. Where do these UUIDs come from? Am I supposed to use UUIDs?

If there is a link or another doc I missed, please point me in the right direction.