I have a git annex repository that contains only photos and videos. I am using an NTFS partition on Linux (because dual-boot), and recently did a git annex upgrade to version 6. (But the question below is general, and not about version 6). The size of my repo must be around 80G.

When I run commands like status and sync, nothing happens for a really long time. I finished a git annex fsck today morning after the version upgrade, and so wanted to see what the repo now looks like:

git annex status --debug

This is stuck at internally calling git status -uall -z with some other options. The process is stuck here for almost an hour, and I finally gave up and cancelled it. Like I said, this is not about the recent upgrade that I finished. I have previously seen the process succeed after one or two hours.

Is it normal for status to take this long? Or is there something wrong with my repo? For example, maybe a large chunk of my files are checked into git without being annexed? My repo has a long history of making mistakes with git annex, so this is actually possible.