I have an encrypted S3 remote with which I recently ran:

$> git annex move . --from cloud

which moved all my files to the local repo. When I looked at my S3 bucket, I saw some files left. I then ran:

$> git annex unused --from cloud

to get all the unused data. I dropped each unused data from cloud so that now I think git annex believes it has nothing on the cloud remote.

However there is still one file left on the bucket. Is this normal? (if not I'll create a bug report) More importantly, how can I decrypt this file so I can run git log -S'KEY' to figure out what it is (I want to make sure I haven't lost any data).

To be clear, when I currently run 'git annex move . --from cloud' it moves nothing and when I run 'git annex unused --from cloud' it reports no unused data.