Following up on DataLad's git-objects special remote idea PR, I have thought to try establishing git-lfs powered (special) remote on github, within assistant (installed a few days back) ran within Termux, on an android phone.

Within assistant web UI I did not find a good match for this scenario in "Add more repositories". What would it be (if any exists/defined already)?

Having found none, I've decided to try the closest match -- "remote server using ssh". But in that form, for some reason, after entering "" for "Host name" results in "cannot resolve host name".

  • I verified that is reachable in chrome
  • I thought that may be Termux "session" doesn't have access to DNS, so I switched to termux (where I started git annex webapp), and ran ping
    • it did resolve the IP (to
    • but no ping came back