I have a direct repository with the assistant running (v4.20131002). The repo is in the backup group and should be grabbing every known annex file. Yet git annex status says:

local annex keys: 1386
local annex size: 94.53 gigabytes
known annex keys: 1387
known annex size: 94.53 gigabytes

As you can seem there is one more known annex key than there are local ones. Neither git annex get nor git annex sync changes the numbers. According to tree the repo dir contains exactly 1387 files, which means that the missing file must exist on disk.

1) How do I find out which is the file in question? How do I get it synchronized?

Yesterday there were 1376 known annex keys. Today there are 1387. For some reason the number of keys went up by 11, and I would like to know how and why. The log suggests that a couple of files have been added from inside the repo directory, but I am positive that these files already existed in the annex directory yesterday, and that I ran git annex sync manually without the number of local and/or known keys going up.

2) Why weren't the files synced before? Is there a way to find out whether they were or were not part of the annex yesterday - maybe list all files sorted by the date they were added?